curt mechanical projects & lift
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Design and Production


lifts design, lift construction

The service we offer our clients begins even before the product is delivered. So the company places great emphasis on design.

Our Technical Department is composed of young, professional engineers who are always ready to meet your needs right from the start of construction. By the use of graphics software, they will create ideas and solutions which ensure our products continue to function perfectly over time.

Our services include:

  •     Consultancy and Technical Assistance at the design phase
  •     Feasibility Studies
  •     Logistic Services



We provide lifts to suit every need, and produced to the highest quality and safety standards.

The company is able to offer tailor-made systems, paying the utmost attention to every detail, and with particular focus on design and aesthetic appearance.


Hydraulic and Electric Lifts

Efficient, safe, practical solutions for every type of building. Lift installations, meticulously designed and installed by expert technicians.

Essential systems for warehouses, workshops and companies that handle large quantities of goods and require safety, speed and efficiency for their businesses.


Hydraulic and Electric Platforms

Ideal solutions for residential use, wherever there is the need to move people with limited walking ability. These systems are also produced for commercial or corporate environments, where aerial platforms can be used for lifting goods in the context of transportation or removals.


At Curt Mechanical Projects & Lift we use the expert services of a modern technical department, which can produce the entire mechanical design for lift installations, prototypes included, using the CAD/CAM system and 3D graphics. The office also produces manuals and documentation for each installation, and maintains direct contact with clients.

It oversees every aspect of the process, from the moment the commission is accepted to the actual time of sale of the lift or goods lift.

Manufacture of metal structures for lifts and carpentry work

metal frameworks

Curt Mechanical Projects & Lift provides a complete turnkey service. We specialise in the design and installation of lifts, and also create the whole structure around the system, using efficient, functional, safe and attractive solutions.

For the design of indoor and outdoor lifts for medium-sized or large buildings, every solution requires meticulous planning, carried out by engineers and designers who study the lift system and structure in great detail, to create a project which is then produced by our team of expert technicians.

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